FAQ | Is marijuana
legal in North

Some comments on a commonly asked question about North Korea.

FAQ | Is marijuana legal in North Korea?

No. Reports regarding the use of marijuana and cannabis culture in North Korea are largely exaggerated.

Hemp is grown in North Korea for industrial purposes and some varieties are used in herbal medicine in rural areas. The plant can occasionally be seen lining fields as in other parts of Asia. Hemp is a nitrogen fixer and can contribute to the improvement of soil quality. Use of hemp in traditional medicine may be tolerated on the local level, but in practice the national policy is extremely strict towards recreational drug use of any kind.

Please note that the transport, promotion, and/or use of marijuana or marijuana-derived products by foreigners in North Korea is illegal and likely to result in arrest and criminal prosecution.

Keep off the grass on your Koryo Tours group tour or private independent tour (as well as during your travel to China).

Keep off the grass!

Updated 20 April 2019


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