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Daesong Department Store

Daesong Department Store 

Visiting Tips

Daesong Department Store: Introduction

The Daesong Department Store in Pyongyang is North Korea's newest, and indeed swankiest, department store. It opened in April 2019.

Being one of Pyongyang's most expensive department stores in one of the most fashionable areas in Pyongyang, you can see many upper-class North Koreans and ex-pats alike shopping here. 

There are 3 floors to the department store (4 if you count the one at the very top). 

Here, you can expect to find lots of foreign goods at high prices. 

There is also a selection of Korean goods.

There was already this shop there previously, in a retro-looking building, which was renovated into this fancy one.





(Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kernbeisser/8076402041) 

Daesong Department Store: Location

Daesong Department Store is located in Munsudong District in Pyongyang.

This is near to many of the foreign embassies. 


Daesong Department Store: Exterior

The Daesong Department store is clearly visible for being a modern looking large building at a crossroads. In fact, it is hard to miss and stands out amongst the rest of the buildings. 

The exterior is orange and grey coloured. 

Outside, there is a large parking lot where many taxis drop off people and wait for those looking for a taxi after shopping. 

There is also a fountain and nice seating area. 


Daesong Department Store: Interior

1st Floor

On the first floor is the Daesong Supermarket area of the Daesong Department Store. 

In this supermarket is a mixture of foreign and Korean made products. 

You can find a range of fruit, veg, meats, and cheese.

Apart from fresh food, there is also a wide selection of foreign drinks and cooking products, as well as other items such as Tupperware and stationary.

At the exit of the supermarket, there is an exchange booth. 


2nd Floor

On the second floor of the Daesong Department store is clothing, electric goods, makeup, a children's section, a pharmacy, and probably anything else you could need. (Including massage chairs and gym equipment). 

There are various different shops. It looks more like an airport duty-free section than anything else. There are multiple make-up and alcohol shops, as well as a shop for electronic goods and household items.





3rd Floor

The third floor of the Daesong Department Store is a dining/cafeteria area with around 3 or 4 different restaurants serving various kinds of Korean food. 

There is also a cafe serving some of Pyongyang's best coffee with great views. The seating area for this is situated near the elevators right next door to the large glass panels that form the front wall of the Daesong Department Store. 

To the back of the third floor is a staircase that leads to a somewhat more secluded fouth floor. 


4th Floor

On the fourth floor of the Daesong Department Store, you will find another dining area. This area is a bit more chic and secluded - perfect for Koreans that want a bit of peace and privacy with friends or on a date. 

Here, you can enjoy a tea or a coffee, as well as a full meal. There are also private rooms available along the side. 

One bonus about this floor is the games room. You can enjoy a shooting game or 4D "ride".

Daesong Department Store: Visiting Tips

  • The exchange rate and use of currency at the Daesong Department Store can be a bit confusing. On the various floors, there are various rules. Some areas accept foreign currency, some do not. Generally, you should find what you want first, then go and exchange the money if needs be. At the supermarket, it is a good idea to first get your goods and take them to the cashier, then you know exactly how much North Korean Won you will need. 
  • If you are looking for some time to kill or want to have some fun in Pyongyang, you can head up to the top floor of the Daesong Department Store. You can access this through a stairwell at the back of the third floor. Here, there is a games room, as well as a fashionable cafe and restaurant. The games room is great fun - they have 3D games, a shooting game, and also cocktails. 
  • If you are after a more local experience (or a cheaper one) it is best to visit the Kwangbok Supermarket
  • Photos are not permitted inside. 


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