Abay Museum, Semipalatinsk
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Abay Museum, Semipalatinsk

Abay Museum

Abay Museum Semey Semipalatinsk

Abay Qunanbaiuly Introduction

Abay Qunanbaiuly is a national hero in Kazakhstan. He is a man whose statues can be found in almost every settlement these days.

You will definitely hear a load about him when you join our tour, even if you didn’t know him up until then!

He was a cultural reformer, translator, philosopher, poet, composer, and much more.

A genuine renaissance man basically and is admired for a wide range of achievements and inspiration by many across Kazakhstan today.

Abay Museum, Semipalatinsk

Semipalatinsk’s Abay Museum is a well-designed place taking the visitor through the whole of Abay’s life and experiences. 

Abay Theatre in central Semipalatinsk 

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