December 5 - December 15/16 2024

Best of Bangladesh

Dhaka, Sundarbans, and Rural
Bangaldesh. Travel by land and

Explore the Best of Bangladesh Through
its People, History, Culture, and Nature

From 1799 USD per person

Please apply by 31st October, 2024.

Best of Bangladesh

Dhaka, Sundarbans, and Rural
Bangaldesh. Travel by land and

Explore the Best of Bangladesh
Through its People, History,
Culture, and Nature

From 1799 USD per person

This tour is managed by...

Zoe Stephens

Zoe is the marketing manager and a tour leader at Koryo Tours.

Her love of meeting new people and exploring new cultures has led her to study several languages including German, Japanese, and Chinese. Having lived in several different countries across 4 continents, she often writes about languages and culture in her blogs and is very active on social media. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she was 'stuck' in Tonga for 1.5 years after a weekend away. Ask her for some stories! 

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  • Overall

    When was the last time you thought of visiting Bangladesh? Probably not recently, if ever. 

    But that's exactly the charm of Bangladesh. 

    Bangladesh has a lot on offer, which you only truly realise once you visit.

    It's one of those places where there is so much more to discover, with every corner offering a new adventure. It has incredible and diverse landscapes, from busy cities to the dense jungle, a variety of wildlife, including the Royal Bengal Tiger, and both a rich history and culture shown in various preserved traditions and architecture dating back to the 4th century BC.

    Not to mention the people, who are some of the friendliest you'll meet on this planet! 

    This tour takes in as many of the best bits as possible in the shortest amount of time. If you want to get the most out of your Bangladesh tour, this is the tour for you. 

    We visit all of the must-see places including a Dhaka City tour, the Floating Market, and other local bazaars, Mosques and Temples, visit schools, have lunch with local families, visit the rural countryside, explore Mahasthangar, the oldest archaeological site discovered in Bangladesh, and take a trip to Sompur Mahavihara, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

    Plus, you'll spend two nights exploring the Sundarbans. The world's largest mangrove forest, home to the Royal Bengal Tiger. (Don't worry, we'll have an armed guard with us in case we're lucky enough to have any furry friends show up)!

    As well as some really unique activities, such as saree weaving, going otter fishing with the few families who keep up this tradition, exploring Bangladesh's bizarre "YouTube village", and heading into the rural countryside of Bangladesh.

    All the while being guided by and indeed travelling along the lifelines of Bangladesh - the many rivers and canals that run through the country. No trip to Bangladesh is complete without spending a fair amount of time on the waterways

    Note: We have crafted this tour to give you the best experience in Bangladesh possible. The lack of tourism infrastructure is part of Bangladesh's charm. Some parts of this tour will be exploring very local and rural areas where you will find yourself travelling, living, and eating like a local, too. At some points, there will also be no mobile signal. Prepare yourself for travel like it used to be! 

    See below for highlights, a full itinerary, and additional information about our Best of Bangladesh Tour. 


    • Unique Culture Activities | Visit a local school, have lunch with local families, get to know and understand Bangladesh's curious YouTube Village, and go fishing with the last remaining Otter Fishermen.  
    • Sundarbans | Spend 2 nights exploring this vast jungle, as well as all the wildlife that inhabit it. And maybe even meet the Royal Bengal Tiger (from a safe distance..!)
    • Historical & Archaeological Sites | Including UNESCO World Heritage site of Sompur Mahavihara, the oldest single dome mosque (16 AD), plus Dhaka City Tour. 
  • Itinerary

    Day 1 of 11
    1. December 05 | Thursday 

      Arrival in Bangladesh

      • Today is arrival day. The tour itinerary will officially start early the following day, so it's a good chance to get acclimatised to Bangladesh, and to meet your fellow travellers. 
      •  We recommend arriving no later than early afternoon/evening to allow for any flight delays. 
      • Depending on your arrival time, there will be a chance to explore some sites in Dhaka and get your first taste of some great Bangladesh food. 

      Accommodation | Hotel in Dhaka

      Included Meals | Dinner

    2. December 06 | Friday

      Architecture & Drive to Bogra

      Our journey starts in the morning. After we pick you up from the airport, we will drive to Bogra. On the way, we have a few stops! 

      • Tangail Saree Weaving | On the way, you will explore tangail jamdani Saree weaving in the district of Tangail. A very unique activity! The traditional art of weaving jamdani was declared a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
      • Local Lunch | We will also enjoy a traditional lunch in the community here. 
      • Navaratna Temple | On the way to Bogra, we stop at Navaratna Temple of the 17th century.
      • Afterwards, the trip takes us to Mahasthangar. This is the earliest urban archaeological site so far discovered in Bangladesh.
      • Though it seems like it is flat, it is actually 100+ feet above sea level where the first civilized establishment started in the region back in the 4th century BC. The capital Dhaka is only 20 feet above sea level. 
      • The full area was discovered by digging and some work still going on. The area was discovered in the early 18th century and the excavation was started in the 1930s.
      • When you walk through the thick handmade brick walls of The Citadel, you will feel a nostalgic step back in time.
      • Check in Hotel | In the late evening, you will check in to the hotel.

      Accommodation | Hotel at Bogra

      Included Meals | Breakfast, Lunch 

    3. December 07 | Saturday

      A Day of Archeology | Bogra to Rajshahi

      We'll have 6 hrs of driving today, but many great sites are on the way.

      • Journey Start | After breakfast, you will journey from Bogra to Rajshahi.
      Sompur Mahavihara
      • On the way, you will explore Sompur Mahavihara. This is one of the most important archaeological sites in the country.
      • It was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 and signifies one of the ancient universities top exist in the region of South Asia.
      • It was the biggest Buddhist monastery south of the Himalayas and the vast complex itself along with, terracotta artworks and ruins of the central complex are ancient archaeological marvels in the country.
      • Silk City | Then we will continue for 3 more hours to reach Rajshahi.
      • Rajshahi is said to be the silk city of Bangladesh and we will explore the natural silk processing. Another unique activity for the day! 

      Accommodation | Hotel at Rajshahi

      Included Meals | Breakfast, Lunch 

    4. December 08 | Sunday

      Puthia & YouTube Village

      • After breakfast, we drive to Puthia to explore the Puthia Rajbari and Temple Complex.
      • Architectural Sites | The establishments are of the 18th century representing the rich heritage of the late Mughal and English colonial era and examples of Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture.
      • Hindu Temples | You will also explore several Hindu-crafted temples scattered around the Puthia area.
      Bangladesh YouTube Village
      • Kushtia | Exploring the area, you will be driven to a remote village on the way to Kushtia. The village is now called YouTube Village.
      • In the village, there are many YouTubers who have transformed their village from the income from YouTube and they make videos on their daily village life. You can see their videos here
      • This is a unique experience and cultural diversity that you may experience here in Kushtia. The preparation starts at noon and ends in the evening when the villagers come over to enjoy free meals. 

      Accommodation | Jessor/Kushtia

      Included Meals | Breakfast, Lunch 

    5. December 09 | Monday

      Travel to Khulna/Mongla | Sundarbans

      • We will start our day early in the morning to reach Khulna/Mongla which will be a 3.5 hrs of drive from the hotel. 
      Travel to the Sundarbans
      • Breakfast on Boat | We will start our tour with breakfast on the vessel as it gently starts to move forward towards the Sundarbans.
      • Harbaria | After 3 hours of cruising, you will get down in Harbaria. Our first meetup with Sundarbans Forest! 
      Kochikhali (Sundarbans)
      • Start of Jungle Safari | You will reach Kochikhali in the evening where we will have time to explore the forest for some time.
      • Mangrove Forest | In Kochikhali we’ll observe the natural beauty of the Mangrove forest. When the sun starts to set, you will find wild animals walking silently near river beds and coming to shore for drinking water.
      • We'll spend the night here on the boat at Kochikhali.

      Accommodation | Tourist Vessel at Sundarban

      Included Meals | Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    6. December 10 | Tuesday

      Exploring the Wildlife of the Sundarbans

      • Sunrise Wildlife Spotting | Very early in the morning when the sun rises, we will get into a small country boat and explore the silent beauty of Sundarban in expectation of encountering wildlife.
      • They come very close to river banks to drink fresh water. We hope to meet with the dears, thousands of birds, wild pigs and many other wild animals.
      • Royal Bengal Tiger | If we are lucky enough, we might even come across the famed Royal Bengal Tiger. 
      Kotka Area
      • Jamtora Beach | The day will pass doing jungle trekking around the Jamtora Beach area, visiting the watch tower, and feeding deer at the Kotka area.
      • We will enjoy yummy food along with eagle feeding on the river side of Kokta.
      • We stay the night on the boat at Kokta and depending on the tide, we will move upstream.

      Accommodation | Tourist Vessel at Sundarban

      Included Meals | Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    7. December 11 | Wednesday 

      Return from Sundarbans

      This day you will return from The Sundarbans.

      We will cruise back to the locality depending on tide times.

      Danga Maari Canal, River Dolphins
      • On the way back, we may stop at Danga Maari Canal.
      • River Dolphins | This is a place where you'll find river dolphins. If we are lucky enough, we may find one or two popping up for fresh air.
      Norail District Remote Village, Otter Fishing
      • Norail District | After early lunch, we will travel to a remote village in Norail District which is a 2 hrs drive from Mongla.
      • Here, we will explore the lives of fishermen who use otters as their helpers in fishing.
      • A unique experience of collaboration between wild animals and humans. This is a century-old culture, now practised by just one/two families.

        Note: There is no animal cruelty involved. Rather, the otters are like pets working together with their owners and helping each other to survive.
      • Afterwards, we will drive to Barishal for an overnight stay.

      Accommodation | Barishal

      Included Meals | Breakfast, Lunch 

    8. December 12 | Thursday

      Remote Rural Bangladesh

      This day starts with an early morning at 6:00 AM. 

      • Kuriana | Our first stop is “Kuriana”, a one-hour drive away. 
      • Canal Cruise | Reaching there, you will be embarking on a country motorboat with a boatman for a Back Water Tour (Canal Cruise) on the canals among remote rural villages.
      • Floating Vegetable Market | Within a short time, you will reach a point, named – “Baukathi” where you will be watching “Floating Vegetable Market”.
      • On this floating market, you will be watching many traditional handheld wooden boats with local village farmers selling their fresh-grown vegetables to the city vegetable vendors.
      • After this floating market, it's back to the water canal cruising again.
      • Rural Bangladesh | Cruise among narrow canals and watch the panoramic views of a real rural Bangladesh.
      • Luxury River Cruise to Dhaka | In the evening, you will ride on a river cruise to have a relaxed overnight journey to Dhaka in 1st class cabin.

      Note: Today we experience the raw travel style of Bangladesh as we head into the rural countryside. We will have 4 hrs in an engine boat and a 2hrs tuk-tuk ride today. Only basic restrooms will be available. 

      Accommodation | River Cruise 1st Class Cabin 

      Included Meals | Breakfast, Lunch 

    9. December 13 | Friday

      Return to Dhaka

      Our boat will reach Dhaka early in the morning. After breakfast, we will start our expedition for the second-to-last day.

      • We drive to Sonagaon (a 1.5-hour drive) to explore the first capital area of Bengal.
      • Bengal Heritage | You will meet the rich and true heritage of Bengal by stepping into renovated buildings like Sardarbari. There is also the folk museum, and you can see exquisite terracotta decorations and wood carving collections in the architecture of the old community buildings of rich merchandise businessmen. 
      • Goaldi mosque | The oldest single dome mosque and built in 16 AD.
      • Lunch with Local Family | For lunch, we will enjoy food with a local family. 
      • Local School Visit | In the afternoon, we will visit a local school.
      Dhaka / Free Time
      • In the afternoon/evening, we will get back to the hotel. For the evening you will be free to move around the hotel and shopping.

      Accommodation | Dhaka

      Included Meals | Breakfast, Lunch 

    10. December 14 | Saturday

      Dhaka City Tour

      • Before we finish the tour, we still have to explore the capital city of Dhaka. 
      • Today we head to all the top tourist attractions of Dhaka, covering Parliament House, Dhaka University area, Dhakweswari Temple, and Lalbug Fort. 
      • If you love food, you may experience Dhakaya Biriani for lunch and also will keep exploring the long list of street foods along the way.
      • After lunch, we explore the tiny alleys of old Dhaka to visit Star Mosque, Armenian Church and Pink Palace.
      • End of tour. If you have a late flight, we can arrange transport to the airport at the end of today. Otherwise, you will stay another night in Dhaka and can travel on the following day. 

      Accommodation | Hotel in Dhaka

      Included Meals | Breakfast, Lunch 

    11. December 15 | Sunday 


      Airport Transfer / Further Travel
      • Today is time to say goodbye to the group after a breakfast at the hotel. If you need recommendations on further travel throughout Bangladesh or nearby locations, let us know. 
      • Airport drop-off is included. Let us know the time of your flight! 

      Accommodation | N/A

      Included Meals | Breakfast 

  • Extras

    • Upgrade to your own room in Bangladesh

      The default rooming option for this tour is shared hotel room or water vessel private cabin. Each hotel room on tour has two separate beds. On the water vessel, one bed might be a bunk bed. If you'd like a room to yourself then you can upgrade for an extra $20 USD per night.

  • What is / is not included?


    • 7 nights hotel accommodation in hotel on twin/double sharing basis.
    • 1 night of overnight river cruise on 1st class private cabin.
    • 2 nights’ accommodation in a Private Sundarban Non AC Vessel.
    • All transport within Bangladesh, transfers by AC Van/Costar including fuel and tolls.
    • Koryo Tours tour leader and English-speaking local guide during the tour.
    • All meals as listed, as well as local dining and street food experiences. 
    • Bottled water throughout the trip.
    • Sundanban forest entry permission.
    • Forest guard gunman for safety inside Sundarbans.
    • All entry tickets, passes, taxes, and activities during the trip. 


    • Flights to Bangladesh.
    • Bangladesh visa. 
    • Some meals and any drinks apart from water. 
    • Tips for local guides. 
  • Notes

    • Some nationals will be eligible for a Bangladesh visa on arrival. Please check with your embassy what your visa requirements are for Bangladesh. 

    • Our Sundarbans trip will be on a private vessel, away from the crowds. We cannot guarantee that our boat for the Sundarbans trip will have AC. However, with temperatures being around 20C (68F), we are confident it will be a comfortable trip for you! 

    • We can pick you up from the airport on Day 1. If you arrive a day early, airport pickup and hotel transfer will cost USD 25 / Car (max 02 people). We can provide a hotel as per your preferences with a supplementary cost.

Please apply by 31st October, 2024.

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