60 Great Instagrams from North Korea

AP photographer David Guttenfelder has been getting lots of attention recently for his well-deservedly mega popular instagram account which features many photographs from inside North Korea. But David’s not the only one instagramming from inside the Hermit Kingdom - as regular travellers to the country some of our team have Koryolink 3G sim cards and so can post #livefromnorthkorea, others take their best pics and post them as #latergrams. Check out the best pics from Hannah, Simon, Vicky, Christopher and Amanda and then share your favourite instagrams inside DPRK with us. Tag your North Korean snaps with #koryotours and the best will win a Koryo Tours goody bag! (Closing date Dec 1st)


Hannah @hannahkoryo

Hannah is Koryo’s trailblazing instagrammer – she was the first from Koryo on the app, has the most followers and posts a new DPRK pic every day:

Dancers at Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s PalaceHaving a giggle with the Karaoke Colonel at the Concrete Wall A princess at the parade Sights from the train out of the DPRK Retro camera at a mass dance Pyongyang Marathon Mixed emotions on the Mangyongdae Funfair Rollercoaster Produce in Pyongsong Foodstuffs Factory Learn the Piano – DPRK style Schoolkids Getting ready for the big day Wellies! (at Tongbong Cooperative Farm Shop)

Simon @simonkoryo

Koryo Tours’ GM is fearless in getting the best shot – hanging out the side of a trolleybus or from the top of the Ryugyong Hotel!

In the driver’s seat of Pyongyang’s oldest trolley bus DPRK’s very own tablet, Samjiyon brand. Yours for a mere $150! Pizza with everything at Pyongyang’s first Italian Restaurant, all ingredients imported from Italy  Kiwi tourist busting out PY’s first Hakka, the locals looked a bit bemused! Corn (and other crops) lying around on streets and car parks drying in the sun is a common sight in the summer months Local family hanging out in an alleyway in Kaesong, encouraging their daughter/granddaughter to greet foreigners Floats used in the July 27th Victory Day Military Parade being moved back into storage, the portrait is Kim Il Sung in the 1950s Pouring a pint of Hwang Maekju in the paradise micro-brewery, a bargain at less than $1 per pint Toy gun from the Number 1 Department Store in Pyongyang – one of a small collection of DPRK toys  Inside of the notorious Ryugyong Hotel, the giant unfinished 105-storey pyramid structure.   Tractors advance in a military parade Air Koryo flight attendant doing final checks before take off

Vicky @vickyinam

Vicky is Koryo Tours’ media maven and when she’s not shooting video for our YouTube channel she’s interested in people, shopping and fiddling about with the filters on instagram

Scenery Near Mt Myohyang Shop Assistant in Pyongyang North Korean BB Cream For Sale in Pyongyang Waiting for the Pyongyang Metro Shop Sign in Pyongyang Inside the Pyongyang Metro On the Road to Mt Myohyang Arriving Home at Pyongyang Airport Military Guide at the DMZ The Ryugyong Hotel seen from the Korean War Museum Sign in Pyongyang A young musician in Pyongyang


Christopher @christophergraper

Christopher has a special interest in all things retro and has an eye for the quirky and nostalgic:

CG_5 CG_6 CG_7 CG_8 CG_9 CG_10 CG_1 CG_2 CG_3 CG_4CG_11 CG_12

Amanda @manda_koryo

Our independent tour manager Amanda posts live when she’s checking out new locations in the far flung areas of DPRK:

AC_6 Graphic of the Air Koryo fleet Conductor inside Pyongyang's oldest trolley bus Koreans paying respects at the KPA Martyrs' Cemetery Game of footie at the Kim Ki Sung Middle School in Hoeryong Workers in the Chongjin Foostuffs Factory Paekhak (White Crane) Toothpaste at the Kyongsong Guesthouse Sculptures of Deer at the Chongjin Foodstuffs Factory The new Munsu Water Park in Pyongyang Pyongyang's oldest trolley bus The all-singing all-dancing waitresses at the Hoeryong Hotel Crossing the bridge from China to North Korea at Namyang

5 Responses to “60 Great Instagrams from North Korea”

  1. Gerard M.

    These are great! Do you have to delete these pictures from your phone when you go back? Is someone going to go through them?

    • Koryo Tours

      Sometimes border officials have a look through your photos on the train but it’s quite rare that they ask you delete any – usually only if you have cropped an image of the leaders, or similar.

  2. Simon Cockerell

    When you leave the country by plane nobody ever looks at photos or anything else in your bag (apart from the normal xray and dog sniffing for anything naughty). When you leave by train customs officers sometimes look at some cameras, usually these days they don’t bother though. I have never had anyone look at photos on my phone though

  3. Amy

    We traveled with Koryo Tours back on 2011 and I recall our phones were kept at the airport. Has the policy changed or are these photos taken with iTouches?

    • Koryo Tours

      Since Jan 2013 tourists have been allowed to keep their phones with them when travelling in North Korea – some of our tour leaders have 3G access in DPRK but most tourists simply use them for taking pictures and share when back home!


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