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Updated: Sunday 22nd March



BREAKING NEWS: confirmation received that foreign amateurs have once more been invited to take part in this year’s Pyongyang Marathon. Following the recent reopening of North Korea's borders, and the subsequent resumption of tourism to the country, our contacts in North Korea called us this morning to say that — after much petitioning on our part — the decision to bar foreign amateurs from the Pyongyang Marathon has also now been reversed.


Everyone running with Koryo will be automatically entered into the Koryo Cup — an amateur competition with prizes on offer for the top three finishers — and have a donation made on their behalf to our humanitarian project delivering food aid to North Korean orphanages.





Updated: Wednesday 4th March


IT'S OFFICIAL! North Korea's borders have been reopened to international tourists with immediate effect. After being contacted earlier this week with news that there was some movement in the four-month-long border closure, our partners in Pyongyang have now confirmed that tourism to the DPRK will resume as normal this month.


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