Spend Christmas and New Year in the DPRK!

Since we started running tours in 1993, there has always been one time of year that we were unable to visit the country. Every year, DPRK would close its borders to tourists from mid-December to mid-January. However, we  have just heard from our partners that this is no longer the case and the country will stay open to tourists all year round. This exciting news means that you can now spend Christmas and New Year in the DPRK – a unique destination indeed! We will be running a group tour over New Year’s Eve which will take in the highlights of Pyongyang and also include a trip to the DMZ. Last year on New Year’s Day, a huge fireworks display was staged in Pyongyang, we expect this to happen again as well as other celebratory events. So brush up on the words for Auld Lang Syne and be amongst the first group of western tourists to ever ring in 2014 (Juche 103) in the DPRK.

Find out more about our first ever New Year’s Eve group tour from 31st Dec – 4th Jan

It is also possible for independent travellers to schedule a tour for this time - more information here

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