July 12 - July 18 2019

The Gobi Explorer

Mongolia Gobi
Desert Explorer

This short tour into the vast Gobi Desert offers
a great insight into local life, geology and

From 1,600 USD per person

Please apply by 20th June, 2019.

The Gobi Explorer

Mongolia Gobi
Desert Explorer

This short tour into the vast
Gobi Desert offers a great insight
into local life, geology and scenery.

From 1,600 USD per person

  • Overall

    A short adventure for those who wish to see the great Gobi Desert in a short space of time. Alternatively, it can be added to the 'Beyond the Steppes Tour' for an even bigger adventure.

  • Itinerary

    Briefing Day
    1. July 12 Friday



      All the passengers joining this tour will be met at the airport and taken to the group hotel this evening, we will then join together as a group for a Pre-Tour Briefing followed by a Mongolian BBQ meal. Those not feeling too jet-lagged can join us in one of UB’s famous bars.
    2. Saturday 13 July

      Into the Gobi Desert 

      We start our adventure early as we have a long drive south towards the Gobi Desert. On the journey, we will see the lush green rolling hills of UB open up to the semi-arid middle Gobi region.

      For lunch, we will stop at a local restaurant in the regional capital Mandalagovi.  This desert town was once home to factories during the Soviet Union period and now survives mostly on farming and the local farming college. 

      Continuing the drive southwards we see more signs of desertification, as well as herds of camels roaming the desolate desert plains.

      Just as we cross from the Middle Gobi Region to the south, we turn to our destination for today - the White Stupa Cliffs, a rocky area of Tsagaan Suvarga National Park. The White Stupa Cliffs are so named as this massive feature is said from a distance to resemble a deserted city surrounded by crumbling white pagodas. In truth, its 60 meter high cliffs have been eroded by the winds and rain over 10 million years.  

      Meals | Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      Overnight | Tourist Ger Camp. We stay in tourist gers out in this desert region we have access to the restaurant area as well as bathroom facilities with hot showers and western style toilets.

    3. Sunday 14 July

      Those who wish to wake up early enough, you will be able to catch a glimpse of sunrise over the surrounding desert.

      After breakfast, we depart the Ger camp and make our bumpy drive back to the main road continuing south to the city of Dalanzadgad. This is our next regional capital at the heart of the South Gobi Province. We will check into our Ger camp, one of the best in the area where we will also eat lunch. 

      After finishing lunch, we will have a short drive to the deep and narrow Yol Am Valley, which is located in the Gurvan Saikhan Mountain range southern Mongolia. Before we set off on our hike, we will pay a visit to the small local natural history museum, this quirky museum has some strange exhibits along with some 10 million-year-old dinosaur eggs.

      We will then hike for around 2 ½ hrs through the beautiful Yol Valley. If we’re lucky, we'll see some of the local wildlife as well as catching a glimpse of the famous ice field, which is slowly disappearing. 

      Meals | Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      Overnight | Tourist Ger Camp. We stay in tourist Gers this is one of the best camps in the area and its lovely location means its great for relaxing.

    4. Sunday 14 July

      After a big breakfast, we set out off on the road again as we head deeper into the clutches of the Gobi desert. After a brief stop for fuel, it's off-road as we make our way to the Khongor Sand Dunes. These dunes are also known as the Singing dunes, due to the eerie noise the sand makes when swept by the wind. The dunes stretch from the Gobi all the way to the Altai Mountain Range some 180 km away.

      We arrive in time for our afternoon tea with a local nomadic family. When the heat of the afternoon has passed, we start our late afternoon camel riding to the base of the highest dunes. For those that can hike to the top of the largest dune, this affords us breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

      After this, we return to our dessert ger camp for a nice meal and the chance to enjoy a drink looking out over a Gobi sunset.

      Meals | Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      Overnight | Tourist Ger Camp  We stay in tourist gers. This camp is another of the best camps in the area.

    5. Tuesday 16 July

      Today we will drive to Bayanzag, which bizarrely translates as ‘rich in saxual scrubs', but its other name 'the Red Flaming Cliffs' is more preferable. This area was first claimed to have been found in 1922 by Roy Chapman. It is known now for the discovery of many dinosaur fossils and as well as its beauty. It is named 'Flaming Cliffs' due to the rich red colouration of the clays and rocks which have been pushed up to form this landscape.

      We will spend some time enjoying this Mongolian grand canyon, taking photos whilst enjoying some short hiking. If you are lucky and do discover a fossil, don't forget these must now be declared.

      After we have enjoyed our time, its back in the cars for our return to Dalanzadgad and our relaxing Ger camp.

      Meals | Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      Overnight | Tourist Ger camp

    6. Wednesday 17 July

      This morning we fly back to Ulaanbaatar.

      In the afternoon, we will have time for a visit to the largest statue of Chinggis Khan in Mongolia. At this silver giant, we can travel to the top of the horses head via an elevator for views over the surrounding countryside. This strange complex also houses souvenir shops and a small history museum.

      We return to Ulaanbaatar for our last group meal and a farewell drink.

      Meals | Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      Overnight | Hotel 9. 

    7. Thursday 18 July

      Departure day

      We end our adventure in the morning, with transfers to the airport for international flights. Pack your souvenirs, your dirty clothes and your memories, and have a safe trip home!

      Meals | Breakfast

Please apply by 20th June, 2019.

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